4 Reasons to Buy an Industrial Sausage Linker

If you plan on making sausages, then your manufacturing process will have a few steps involved. You have to first prepare your meat, case it, and then link the sausages. While some manufacturers link by hand or use a manual machine, an industrial sausage linking machine has some benefits that you may find useful. What are they?

1. Speed up Your Production Line

If you use manual or semi-automated processes to make your products, then you will have a slower pace compared to using a machine. You can only produce sausages as fast as your employees can work. Therefore, your production line might slow down at the linking stage. This turn and twist process can be a stress on people's hands and wrists, which will eventually tire your workers during a shift and cause a massive slow down in production.

If you install an automated sausage linker, then your production line speeds up. The machine will be able to work as fast as you put products through it. It works at the same pace all the time.

2. Get Consistent Portion Control

If you manually link sausages, then you have to judge the size of each sausage individually. While your experienced workers might get this right most of the time, you might not achieve 100% consistency. Most customers won't like sausages that aren't uniformly shaped. If they get some smaller ones in a pack, then they might feel like they didn't get as much for their money.

An industrial sausage linker measures the size of each portion accurately before it makes a link. Your finished products will all be one consistent size.

3. Reduce Production Waste

Sausage casings are strong; however, they can get damaged during the production process. It's easy to tear them if you handle them too much or have over-enthusiastic twists during linking, which can break them off. If you tear or break the casings, then you waste these coverings and some of the meat inside. Your wastage costs will significantly increase. Sausage linking machines handle casings with care because they are less likely to tear or break them. Therefore, you reduce wastage and its associated costs.

4. Fewer Contamination Problems

The more you physically handle products, the higher risk you have of contaminating them. Even if your workers wear gloves during the production process, they might touch something with the glove which then ends up on or in a sausage.

However, if you buy a sausage linking machine, then you portion out your sausages in a mostly touch-free environment. This is a more hygienic way to work.

To find out more about industrial sausage linker machines, contact your food production equipment supplier.